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CV. Cool Cold Engineering has handled both medium and large companies, we provide innovative and flexible cooling solutions to our partner companies, which we always prioritize quality, trust and friendly prices for sustained and harmonious business continuity.

Evaporator is an important component along with other major components in cooling systems such as compressors, condensers and expansion devices. The reason for cooling is to remove heat from air, water or other substances. This is where the liquid refrigerant is expanded and evaporated. It acts as a heat exchanger that removes heat from a substance cooled to a boiling temperature. CV. Cool Cold Technique offers competitive price surabaya and surrounding surabaya and we have this unit from various designs and come in various sizes ranging from small household appliance units to large industrial units.

Construction Type Evaporator

There are three types of evaporators. Commonly used construction today:

- Bare-Tube and Plate Surface constructions have entire inner surfaces
contact with evaporating coolant in it.
- Finned construction is a bare coil coil where the fin (metal plate is usually
aluminum) installed.

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