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Panel Cold Storage
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Specification of Panel Cold Storage

Is the main material in the construction of the cooling chamber. The basic function of this panel is to prevent the occurrence of temperature propagation from outside the room into the room or from the room to get out of the room. With these basic functions then many are looking for sellers cold storage panels for use in the main construction of cold room or cold storage.

Cold storage wall panels of course also have a limit of resistance in aeration propagation temperature, for that panel differentiated type of thickness in accordance with the resistance in holding temperature. In general, Cold Storage is used to store fresh food products in the form of meat, fish, fruits, vegetables and raw materials of food or other products that require cold temperatures or freezing to maintain the quality of the product.

CV. Cool Cold Engineering aims to be the top choice for our business partners by contributing positively, beyond expectation, through professional service. You sell cold storage and all its components with a friendly price and high quality.

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